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About The Brooks Clinic

Top Auto Accident Therapy Clinic & Pain Management Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Since 1975, The Brooks Clinic has been essentially two businesses under one roof. We are currently the top auto accident therapy clinic and pain management center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Our board-certified physicians and medical staff specialize in the field of Pain Management. In other words, we help chronic pain sufferers and accident victims manage their pain and recover from injuries. The Brooks Clinic is a medical clinic managed by a partnership of doctors who treat injuries primarily involving body parts with large joints and spine-related conditions. We administer treatment to patients that have sustained injuries resulting from automobile and work accidents, as well as care for those who are suffering from chronic and severe pain, and are in need of interventional treatment.

Our clinic offers a variety of interventional treatments and procedures, as well as manages narcotics for chronic pain management. At The Brooks Clinic, our highly trained medical staff is devoted to helping our patients get their lives back and on the road to recovery.

The Brooks Clinic helps people in and around the Oklahoma City metro area to recover from car accident injuries, work-related injuries, and many other injuries. We help manage and alleviate chronic and acute pain, for those who may be suffering from failed surgeries, cancer, auto-immune disorders, and other painful conditions.

What makes The Brooks Clinic different from a hospital or general practitioner? First, we specialize in the treatment of pain and injury. Second, we run our entire Oklahoma City accident treatment program ourselves, which means patients don’t have to visit a separate clinic for expensive scans and tests. We handle everything directly, and we pass the results and the savings on to you.

Whether you were injured in an automobile accident, hurt at work, or simply have pain that you want to heal, visit The Brooks Clinic. We will help you get back to doing the things you love. For an appointment, call (405) 943-0303 or request one online.

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