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Angie Crow

3 months ago

I have been going to Brooks for over a year now. Everyone is always friendly and I rarely have to wait more than 15-20 minutes before I'm called back. They are very busy pretty much all the time. I've seen patients come in bad moods and get really rude with the staff and they manage to still be polite and friendly. They have you sign a pain contract,like everyone else, and they require urine drug screens. If you are doing what you are suppose to you have nothing to worry about. You need to have a documented painful condition to receive pain medication. That's everywhere. If you have back problems, neck problems, or something that can be seen with MRI or x-rays then have your MRI, x-rays, etc.. With you or sent over there by your first visit. Have medical records with you or sent over before your first visit. They have to have proper documentation before they can treat you. With the way the DEA is right now NO ONE is going to give ppl any pain meds without proof there is a well documented, painful condition. Sam and Sherry are the PA's/ Nurse Practioners and they are very competent and very friendly. They will help you as much as they can. I have not had any negative experiences at all at Brooks Clinic since I've been going there. The ppl I have seen having a bad experience are the ones who come unprepared,late, don't have their co-pay, etc.. Have your records, insurance card, ID, be ready to pee, be on time, have a driver with you if you are having an injection done,and have your do that then you shouldn't have any issues. The staff is friendly and competent. It makes their job a lot easier and things run smoother when the patients come prepared....and aren't rude. We all are hurting that go there...doesn't mean you get to act like a jerk. My biggest complaint is the rude patients that come in and gripe at the staff in front of everyone. And the people that smoke by the building...some ppl are allergic to cigarette smoke. They have signs up asking ppl to be so many feet away from the building to smoke. Some ppl just don't care that it hurts others. The staff are real good about reminding ppl to move back away from the building and the ramp to smoke....when they are made aware. The parking is pretty cramped but they do offer extra parking next door. Brooks Clinic has been a God send for me.

Brenda Lee

a year ago

I have a family member that has been coming to Brooks for a while now. They have always been friendly and helpful. We understood the reasons for the tests they run, and the care they take in making sure that medicines are taken properly so they do the job they are supposed to. It's nice to know this place is not a "pill mill" and actually try to fix the issue instead of maintaining. I recommend this place to everyone who is in pain and wants it to stop.

Lissa Lawrence

3 months ago

I have been a patient for close to a yr I was at the point I was having migraines daily which made the life I was living miserable.... Dr. Sam Gunnels is amazing and so helpful I've had very few migraines since my treatment has begun and he and the staff are amazing..... Marty went out of her way to schedule my appointment around my hectic schedule... Thanks Marty !!! And thanks to all of your amazing staff!!! I will definitely recommend The Brooks Clinic!!!

Shellie Compton

3 months ago

Everyone is very nice and good with patients. They get u n with little or no wait. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Susan Davis

a month ago

I never thought I could look forward to going to physical therapy,but at the Brooks clinic,I do they have the best&nicest staff,everyone is so friendly&I have gotten so much help for my pain here,anyone that's nreding physical therapy,The Brooks clinic is definitely the best place to go,they are so friendly&make you feel at ease&comfortable,thank you to everyone for everything!

Carlene Moore

a year ago

I just called the Brooks Clinic to reschedule my appointment because I will be on vacation. The girls were so sympathetic to my situation. They had to move some appointments around, but they came through for me! I was very worried about not having my medication while on vacation, thus not enjoying myself, but the girls were great!!! The commercial that they have says that they care about their patients and they do!!! The doctors are amazing, and the girls that answer the phones are great too!!!

Dawn Holland

a year ago

I've been going to the Brooks Clinic for 3 years now they have been great caring for my neck, back and knee injuries from injuries from an automobile accident and injuries from years ago. They have been thorough and helped reduce my pain and been very good and keeping up with my the never ending battle with my insurance company since I settled years ago with the automobile accident. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Brandi Kelley

a year ago

I have been coming here for about a year & absolutely LOVE the ladies at the front desk & the entire staff!!! They have bent over backwards to service my needs (even helping me get my referral corrected & still saw me same-day) & they have given me the best care possible. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!!!

Mel G

a year ago

Every time I come in for treatment I am treated with respect and kindness by the staff and providers. I feel like my pain matters to them and they do all in their power to get me well again. Thank you Brooks Clinic for making me feel better.

James Williams

a year ago

Super friendly staff and great doctors!

Scott Nachatilo

3 years ago

Courteous, helpful. You can trust the people at Brooks Clinic to take good care of you.

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